About me

Bleu jewellery is an independent jewellery brand that focuses on art driven design and quality handmade by Eileen Xie. 


Eileen developed an interest in art at a young age when she started drawing. As a child growing up in the mass production capitals of the world, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, the process of hand making was a foreign concept. However, this changed when she moved to Brisbane, Australia at the age of 10, where she was placed into the natural landscapes of the land and was met with a completely different way of life. 


Eileen further pursuit her interest in art by attending Queensland College of Art and later Edinburgh College of Art where she was first introduced to jewellery and fostered a love of the art form. Eileen's art college background informs her designs conceptually; each piece in Bleu jewellery range has an individual story that is unique in design and pragmatic to wear. Since graduation, Eileen has gained valuable trade industry experience where her continual pursuit for craft and design is the essence of Bleu jewellery. 

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